Thursday, February 3, 2011

Obama, the ideologue, does it again

What is all this nonsense about Egypt and democracy? Egypt is a Muslim country. No Muslim, worthy of the name, accepts democracy. Read the Qur'an. Do you find anything there that even remotely reminds you of democracy?

The only organized "political party" in Egypt worthy of the name is the Muslim Brotherhood. These people are the fathers of Hamas and many other Islamist groups. As is oft quoted, "Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope." Can there be any doubt but that the Muslim Brotherhood exemplifies the most noble among the Islamists?

And it is this group that will receive the leadership of Egypt once Mubarak either decides to leave or is pushed from his position of leadership. No, Mubarak was not the most democratic of rulers either in the Middle east or elsewhere. But he was our friend. He espoused our policies vis-a-vis Islamic extremism. And he signed a peace accord with Israel.

It is amazing, the lack of understanding of the Arab persona that exists within our government. Has no one ever heard of the importance the Arab attaches to loyalty? Has no one in our government ever heard of the importance the Arab attaches to honor? Clearly, no one. Mubarak supported U.S. and other Western governments' policies in the Middle East. And how has our government treated him? They told him he should step down NOW. Is that the manner of a friend? Is that the way in which one demonstrates loyalty? Surely, there could have been innumerable ways to indicate to Mubarak that it was time to go. And all of these ways could have been communicated secretly so as to preserve his honor. But no, Obama had to demonstrate visibly his disdain for "Strong Men" and others who failed to demonstrate HIS concept of democracy. Mr. Obama, not every country, not every culture holds "democracy" in such high repute as we Americans. Once again, read the Qur'an. You will see that democratic ideals do not exist within its parameters.

Mubarak said he would step down in September, prior to the national elections scheduled for that month. No, his son would not succeed him. Mubarak had sent him out of the country, knowing he was not of the same mettle as he. That should have ended it right there. "Thank you, Mr. President, for your understanding of the sensitivity of the current political scene." something like that would have done it, in conjunction with the message carried to Mubarak our former ambassador. But no, our president and his press secretary had to enunciate most clearly that the U.S. wanted him gone NOW.

Watch your TV screens this evening. Observe the fighting taking place in Tahrir Square between the anti-Mubarak demonstrators and the sudden appearance of the pro-Mubarak elements. Who are these pro-Mubarak elements? they are secret police, regular police, presidential special action forces and the like. Where did they come from, all of a sudden? In my opinion, they were launched by Mubarak in response to what he perceives, to be Obama's treachery, his disloyalty.

Time will tell whether can weather the storm or not. Many observers claim the Muslim Brotherhood is far from well organized, they stand not the chance of a snowball in the Valley of the Kings. Time will tell. Note that upon the heels of the departing head of state in Tunisia, a formerly exiled Islamist returned to the country and within 48 hours, the first Synagogue was set on fire.

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