Thursday, February 14, 2008

Imad Mughniyeh - no tears will be shed

Imad Mughniyeh perfected the employment of the car and truck bomb as the terrorists’ weapon of choice. It is therefore only fitting that this weapon be used against him. Yesterday, a car bomb blasted this mass murderer into the arms of either seventy-two virgins or 28 pre-pubescent boys. I suppose it will be his choice - one of the benefits of the Islamic paradise he cited as a means of motivating young Palestinians to become suicide bombers.
Let’s not forget - one of Mughniyeh’s explosive laden vans driven by one of his suicide bombers destroyed the Beirut American embassy back in April 1983. Only six months later, in October, Mughniyeh sent a pickup truck filled with explosives against the barracks housing U.S. Marines, killing 241 Americans.
And it was Imad Mughniyeh who ordered the kidnapping of Bill Buckley, the CIA station chief in Beirut. It is a mark of this man’s barbarity that he personally took part in Buckley’s torture. Then, when Buckley began to succumb to this horrible treatment, Mughniyeh refused him any medical treatment thereby causing his death.
No, Mughniyeh will not be missed. Unfortunately, the ranks of Hizballah and other Iranian proxies are full of equally brutal monsters only too ready to cause death and destruction within the ranks of the innocent whether by sending rockets into neighborhoods or suicide bombers into malls and supermarkets.