Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Open Letter to Mr. John Brennan

Mr. Brennan, President Obama’s chief advisor on matters terrorist, refuses to conjoin Jihadists with Islam. He supports President Barak Obama’s insistence that there is no connection between the events of 9-11 and Islam. In effect, they both insist there is no connection at all between terrorism and Islamic Shariah law.

Why is this? Certainly, Mr. Brennan, a former senior CIA official and Director of the National Counterterrorism Center, understands the fallacy of this argument. The 9-11 terrorists were jihadists who were carrying out the obligations of Shariah law. And Shariah law applies, in principle, to those of the Islamic faith. Ergo, there has to be a connection between the 9-11 terrorists and Islam.

I know you love your job, Mr. Brennan, but that’s no excuse to avoid the obvious: Practitioners of Shariah law are, perforce, terrorists because Shariah law requires all its adherents to oppose all societies, all systems, all legal structures that do not conform to the ultimate goal of Shariah. Mr. Brennan, one might draw a line between those Muslims who do not accept all the requirements of Shariah and those who do. The latter are our enemies, not the former. However, in the eyes of the latter, the former are equally enemies of Shariah along with the rest of us non-Muslims.

Sorry, Mr. Brennan, defining the term ‘jihad’ as a ‘moral good’ works only if you study Shariah law where ‘moral good’ equates to the total destruction of anything, everything and anyone that frustrates the creation of the Islamic Caliphate. Mr. Brennan, you are doing a tremendous disservice to U.S. policy makers, let alone to our U.S. military forces. You are blinding them to the realities of the threats to our society. You are shielding our true enemies from those sworn to destroy our true enemies. How can our protectors, both civil and military, accomplish their mission if they don’t know from whom they are to protect us. One of the first commandments taught our military is, “Know your enemy.” Mr. Brennan, why not strip away the veil of political correctness and let the American people know who the enemy is?

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