Monday, July 12, 2010

We Can't Do It Alone

It appears we still haven't learned our lesson. Militaries (U.S. & NATO) alone cannot neutralize the Taliban without the full involvement of the host government. Our warriors defeat Taliban forces foolish enough to defend their hold on a village. Force of arms makes the difference. The Taliban are driven out.

The military commanders, possibly a few other senior officers enter the village. Through their interpreter, they look to change the allegiance of the village. The promise is, you support the Karzai government, the government will provide for your needs. The villagers give their assent; the troops leave. Another victory for our side.
The villagers wait. the Karzai government sends no one. The Taliban return. Their snitches point out those who cooperated with the military forces. They are swiftly executed.

And the cycle repeats.