Sunday, October 16, 2011

Iranian Assassination Plot - Our Feeble Response

In response to the alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the U.S., President Obama will seek to increase Iran’s isolation. He will once again shake a presidential finger in the faces of Iran’s leadership. Boy, that’ll tell ‘em, all right. No, Mr. President, when they hit you, the only proper response is to hit back—and harder than they hit you.

What is there to hit? How about putting one of their ports out of commission? How about putting one or more of the al Quds training centers out of commission? No, not necessarily through military action, this is why we have a CIA and Special Operations Forces. When a response short of a declaration of war is required, these are the go-to guys. They certainly don’t need any assistance from me as to how to go about this business. Think Stuxnet, Mr. President. No one fired any shots, no one died, but the computer virus damaged many of Iran’s centrifuges beyond repair and stopped others running for some time. Come on, Mr. President, do something! Show some leadership! After all, you are the Commander-in-Chief.

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